About Us

Hello and welcome to Dungeon Duets!

We're Hayley and Casey, married nerds with a huge love of everything D&D and RPG related. We began our journey into the TTRPG world only a few years ago, and little did we know where it would lead us! What started out as a way to hang out with some friends blossomed into a passion for the game and the community, and is now a small business making custom and handmade dice. Every set of dice you see here is designed and made by us, and many are inspired by characters and story moments from the campaigns we play in and DM. 

Beyond just making dice, we are avid players of D&D and we love the opportunity for storytelling that the game provides. We play a duet campaign, a DM and single player story-driven campaign that we record and share to YouTube. If you want to check out the campaign that inspires many of our dice designs, you'll find it here! We secretly hope that you'll come for the dice, but stay for the story. 

Dungeon Duets also hopes to grow into creating content for tabletop games, from adventures to world settings and other homebrew content. Before long we hope to provide those resources here as well, so keep a close eye on our social media for updates!

We're also recently launched our Patreon page, which you can find over on our Links page. Give it a look if you want to explore other ways to connect with us or support our content!