About our Master Dice:

We were incredibly fortunate to be selected by Revel Broker to be the first recipients of their sponsorship program, which has made it possible for us to have the amazing dice you see here. They worked with us to create the master dice we use, as well as provided us with an assortment of other master designs for us to test and use for our shop. They can be found on Etsy here, where you can purchase your own masters. 

We've had a blast working with what we've received from them so far, and if you want to listen to me get real excited about them as I open our first shipment, check out the unboxing video below!




As of January 2021, we've launched a Patreon! You can check it out here. We have a variety of tiers available, from simply gaining access to our Discord server to actual physical dice in your hands every month. Take a look and consider supporting us as we continue to grow and offer you new content!

Past Reviews

Prior to July 2020, our dice sales happened on Etsy. We haven't brought our customer reviews over yet, but if you want to read what past customers have had to say about our dice, you can find our old Etsy shop here!